Health anxiety

What is Health Anxiety?


Health Anxiety, is a type of psychological disorder by which the person suffering constantly worries about their health, often irrationally in the absence of sometimes no symptoms at all. Whilst, for some, this disorder arises as a result of a trigger in their life such as someone close to them becoming seriously unwell, in other cases the condition can begin on its own accord.

Those suffering from the disorder might become panicked when catching a common cold, convincing themselves that something is really wrong with them and not trusting those around them who say otherwise. We understand the recent Coronavirus pandemic has been particularly difficult for those suffering from health anxieties, with relatively common symptoms such as the loss of smell and taste, to rashes and shortness of breath all attributed to the virus. It made it nearby impossible to not think about your health with the news flooded daily with death rates and how to stay safe, giving rise to extremely triggering times for those with health anxiety.

The severity of Health Anxiety is on a spectrum and so, whilst most people have been worried about their health at different points in their life, suffering from severe health anxiety can impact every day life. Seriously concerned about their health, those suffering might become untrusting of healthcare professionals which they believe are brushing them off without investigating illnesses thoroughly enough.

Fortunately there is help out there – and talking therapy has been proven to alleviate of those suffering from Health Anxiety.

Online Health Anxiety Therapy

If you think you or someone who know might be suffering from health anxieties, please contact us for a consultation. We at Counselling Psychology Online are friendly CBT Therapists, Psychologists and Counsellors, trained and experienced with helping people to overcome this difficulty, enabling those suffering to find ways to manage symptoms and live brighter, more fulfilling lives.

Coping with Health Anxiety with Counselling Psychology Online


Our qualified psychologists, therapists and counsellors here at Counselling Psychology Online provide bespoke therapy online for those suffering from health anxiety.

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