What is Psychosynthesis Counselling?


Psychosynthesis counselling will explore and support you to harmonise various aspects of your personal self in order to grow and develop. It is a therapeutic approach that stems from psychoanalysis; however, it involves a more inclusive concept of humanity – one that integrates spiritual, as well psychological elements.

Similar to person-centred therapy, a key assumption in psychosynthesis is that we all have vast potential for personal growth. That is, an innate inclination to synthesise (blend) all aspects of our being to become our fullest self.  Psychosynthesis is a conscious attempt to cooperate with this natural process of personal development in order to foster awareness, self-healing, and a greater connection to the ever-changing nature of human life.

The framework of psychosynthesis can help a wide range of individuals to overcome life challenges. A psychosynthesis counsellor will strive to establish a specific relationship with you and will draw on a range of diverse techniques to guide them through the process of self-actualisation and self-realisation. This forms an important part of therapy as it will help you to discover a higher, spiritual level of consciousness that will facilitate positive changes and personal growth.


The Stages of Psychosynthesis Therapy


There are four primary stages to psychosynthesis. During these stages, the therapist will explore past challenges and look to the future.

Stage 1: Thorough knowledge of one’s personality

Stage 2: Control of the personalities various elements

Stage 3: Realisation of one’s true Self – the discovery or creation of a unifying centre

Stage 4: Psychosynthesis: the formation or reconstruction of the personality around the new centre

Psychosynthesis has been used to treat a range of different disorders including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and trauma. Here at Counselling Psychology Online, we are trained counsellors in Psychosynthesis with many years experience. We are a group of therapists scattered throughout the UK in Surrey, Kent, Somerset and Stoke, and service clients throughout the UK online.

Do you have questions?

It's not unusual to have questions about what type(s) of therapy may be suitable for you.

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As we are often asked for more information on psychosynthesis therapy, we thought it would be helpful to answer some of our most commonly asked questions below. Email admin@counsellingpsychologyonline.com or call 07584 328192 with any further queries or to begin your therapy with Counselling Psychology Online.

How many sessions of psychosynthesis therapy will I need?

There is not a simple answer to how many sessions of Psychosynthesis counselling we would recommend you had. Every condition is unique, and how quickly the therapy will work for you also is. Before starting any therapy, here at Counselling Psychology Online, all our clients have a free 15-minute consultatation. After this, we should be able to give you an idea of how many sessios we would recommend.

How long are online psychosynthesis counselling sessions with you?

Most of our psychosynthesis sessions are 50 minutes, although this could vary depending on unique circumstances.

How do I start my psychosynthesis therapy?

Firstly, please get in touch with us by emailing admin@counsellingpsychologyonline.com or phoning 07584 328192. We will then arrange your initial consultation. If together, we agree that psychosynthesis therapy is the correct course of counselling for you, we will then arrange the sessions from there.

What equipment do I require for my online therapy?

Aside from a device which connects to the internet and with the ability to download a video calling app, such as zoom, you just need a quiet, safe space. 

Psychosynthesis Counselling with Counselling Psychology Online


Combining spiritual and psychological element, psychosynthesis counselling concentrates on the belief of growing your personal self. We tailor our psychosynthesis counselling to every client we work with – including adults, families, children, teenagers and couples.

For any extra information, or to begin your psychosynthesis counselling, please contact us.  Visit our FAQ page for answers to our most commonly asked questions.