What is Transactional Analysis Counselling (TA)?


Transactional analysis counselling (TA) is a popular form of modern psychology, and one of the most comprehensible theories in psychology. It is designed to promote personal growth and change, and is regarded as an important therapy for well-being, and for helping individuals to reach their full potential in all aspects of life.

Counselling Psychology Online, are trained in offering TA Therapy. Our therapists are based in Surrey, Somerset, Kent and Stoke, and give Transactional Analysis Counselling remotely to individuals, couples and families across the UK.


How TA Counselling Works?


Transactional analysis counselling is based on the theory that each person has three ego-states: parent, adult and child. These are used along with other concepts, and tools and models will be used to help analyse how you communicate and to identify what interaction may be needed for a better outcome.

Ego-states refer to the three major parts of our personality, and they each reflect an entire system of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

These ego-states are:

Child – Rooted in the past; these are a set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours learnt from our childhood. These can be free and natural or strongly influenced by our parental influences.

Adult – Rooted in the present. This state relates to direct responses in the ‘here and now’ that are not influenced by our past. This tends to be the most rational part of our personality.

Parent – Rooted in the past; a set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours learnt from our parents and other important people. This part of our personality can be supportive or critical.

Our ego-states determine how we express ourselves as individuals, interact with each other and form relationships. The simplicity of the terminology used in TA makes the model very accessible.

Throughout therapy, the TA therapist will work directly on problem-solving behaviours, whilst helping you to develop day-to-day tools for finding constructive, creative solutions. The ultimate goal is to ensure you regain absolute autonomy over your life. This autonomy is defined as the recovery of three vital human capacities – spontaneity, awareness and intimacy.

Do you have questions?

It's not unusual to have questions about what type(s) of therapy may be suitable for you.

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Please see below answers to some of our most popular questions regarding TA (Transactional Analysis) Therapy. For any other information, or to begin TA Counselling, please contact Counselling Psychology Online by emailing admin@counsellingpsychologyonline.com or calling 07584 328192.

What is TA Therapy an abbreviation of?

TA stands for Transactional Analysis. It is relatively popular form of modern psychology which examines a person’s interactions and relationships designed to promote personal growth and change.

Who is Transactional Analysis Counselling for?

TA (Transactional Analysis) can be valuable for many different individuals who want to concentrate on personal growth and change. For more than psychological disorders, TA Therapy has proven to be effective in wider settings such as management training and parenting. By bringing awareness of how personalities have been shaped by experience, tools are developed to encourage constructive communication. We would always recommend that a trained therapist would determine is TA Therapy was the right choice for you.

How do I begin my TA Therapy?

To get started with your TA Therapy with Counselling Psychology Online, contact us by emailing admin@counsellingpsychologyonline.com or phoning 07584 328192. The next step, we will book you into a free 15-minute phone consultation where we will decide the best therapy treatment for you. Whether this be Transactional Analysis Therapy or another, we will book in your sessions.

Who can receive Transactional Analysis Counselling?

Here at Counselling Psychology Online, we offer Transactional Analysis Counselling to Adults, Couples and Families.

Do I need anything to start my TA Therapy?

To start your TA Therapy, you will require access to a device which has access to the internet and video calling technology; this could be a phone, computer or laptop.

Does TA Counselling work?

With great results with those suffering from a range of different conditions from anxiety and depression to low self-esteem and workplace issues, Transactional Analysis has been proven as an effective counselling treatment for many. For any counselling to work, effort and commitment from the patient is required.

Transactional Analysis Counselling with Counselling Psychology Online


With years of experience offering transactional analysis counselling to clients, we create bespoke TA therapy with everyone we work with.

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